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Finding the best career path is often a challenge for many of us. Fortunately, not for you. 

At Genius Unlocked, we use one of the world’s most respected and widely used career planning tools that provides robust insights into a person’s career interests. By using this assessment, years of professional experience, and industry reports, our coaches help you discover potential careers you may not have considered and a wealth of information about how you approach the real world of work. This engagement extends to not only finding the best career options but also extends to honest advice on which college or university will be the best fit for your situation. In past, families have saved more than 20,000 USD on average on college tuition fees. 

Each coaching engagement is highly personalized and takes approximately 4-6 weeks. It also requires commitment and time investments from the person seeking career advice and where relevant, parents of the student. 

Here is what you can expect from the 6 steps in a typical career discovery and coaching engagement  


Step 01: Determining How We Can Help You

The first step is to identify what are your challenges, what outcomes you seek, and if Genius Unlocked will be able to deliver outstanding value while delivering on the outcomes you are seeking. 

Please use this form to book a 30-minute appointment with our coaching advisor. The coaching advisor will speak to you over a phone call or a zoom meeting to better understand your needs, the outcomes you seek, your timeframes, and also share with you the approximate costs of the engagement. We don’t have a fixed cost as each coaching engagement is unique and there is large variability in the time frame, types of assessments we will use, and the experience level as well as areas of domain expertise of coaches we will assign to you.


Step 02: Coaching Contract 

Once you make the decision to proceed ahead, you will receive the contract as well as the invoice with the payment link. You will be required to pay the applicable fees within defined time period and also shared the signed contract. 

As soon as we receive the signed contract, your coach will be assigned, and you will receive the welcome call from the coach.


Step 03: Online Assessments

You career coach, will assign one of more than one online assessment which you will need to complete. These assessments will take 30-60 minutes to complete based upon number of assessments your coach will recommend. 

unique and there is large variability in the time frame, types of assessments we will use, and the experience level as well as areas of domain expertise of coaches we will assign to you. 

Once you complete the assessment, your coach will receive the report and he or she will evaluate the report for its validity and then further analyze the reports to uncover insights that will be discussed with you.


Step 04: Report Debrief with Coachee 

The appointment office will reach out to you and schedule a 90 minute zoom meeting session for the time slot that will work for you (coachee). This meeting will be scheduled 3 days prior to the appointment. Please note that parents cannot join this meeting as it leads to bias in the response of the coachee. 

In this meeting, the coachee and coach work together to review the report and plan for the next steps. 


Step 05: Report Debrief with Parents (if applicable)

Next, coach will schedule a 60–90-minute zoom meeting with the parents or guardians of the coachee and debrief the report. The coach will also seek the perspectives of parents and partner with them to create the success plan for the coach. 

In this meeting, the coach will also outline and set expectations on the action items for parents and the role they need to play in shaping the career trajectory of the coachee. 


Step 06: Success Plan and Ongoing Support 

In this step, we will share a development plan and partner closely with the coachee and/or parents. This plan will include but is not limited to industry research on the latest career growth trends in industries and sectors that are a potential fitment, listing and helping choose course and  activities which will help uncover and expand on recommended career options, and honest and non-biased recommendations on the college/university courses and electives.

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